Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dance With A Vampire
By Ellen Schreiber


REFLECT – This story entitled “Dance with A Vampire” was full of passion towards someone or something. Raven wanted to be one of the vampires so that she and Alexander (her boyfriend) can be in the same world- being immortal. But when they went to the cave where Alexander took him for a date, there was something that she can’t explain. She was not ready. For Raven’s feeling, I felt that she was not that yet ready. Being immortal or can we say being a Vampire is kind a serious matter. It is either it will benefit you or it will give you trouble- but for Raven, Alexander is always there to protect her, so there is no need to be worried. Raven was so obsessed to Alexander so as Alexander to her. But in the case of Raven, she wanted to be like a vampire- very much, it would be a dream come true, but Alexander would insist it that it’s not time. Raven has colorful life, only that she has a vampire boyfriend that even her family and bestfriend (Becky) does not know about.

CONNECT – I was then a High School student when I had a boyfriend. My mother and father did not know about this because I kept it to myself. Just like Raven, her family does not know what kind of creature is Alexander because she keeps it to herself, if she does it will gave anxiety and oddity to everyone.
Another connection that I had with the story is that when I was in my younger age I used to imagine things like fairies and even in my dreams. I got fascinated with those magical thing or what so called. But when I grow up, I was clarified to the real thing.

QUESTION – I wonder how will Raven explain to her family of what kind of being is Alexander. If that will happen how will her family accept Alexander? Would it be easy for them that their daughter has a vampire boyfriend? For Alexander, will he fight for Raven? Will he protect Raven even the one who caused trouble was Raven’s parents and loved ones? How about for Billy Boy (Raven’s younger brother), will he be happy that her sister has a vampire boyfriend so that he can used it as a basis of their vampire project? Will he be proud to her sister for bringing a vampire to their family? Does this story longing for eternal love or true love?

PREDICT – I think Raven will stalk Alexander to Hipsterville where Jagger is located. And I think Alexander will never come back because of the dangers he brought to the life of Raven and her family. He will live there and dwell with those fellow vampires where he does belong.